Portable Exhibition Kit at its BEST...
Portable Exhibition Kit

Adjustable Backdrop a Perfect Backdrop…

  • Adjustable backdrop
  • Adjustable backdrop

Backdrops are widely used in the market for various Exhibitions, Events, Corporate Offices, Presentations, Malls etc for brand projection. Backdrops are great tools to promote brands in desired manner and gives highly professional outlook to brand image. Adjustable Backdrop is a core solutions for any kind of brand promotions at various location.

Adjustable Backdrops are unique stand with flexibility in adjusting height and width as desired, with maximum extension to 8 ft x 8 ft and minimum to 4 ft x 4 ft. These Stands are setup in minutes and packed in carry case that is easily transported. Adjustable Backdrop are sleek stands that easily get packed in a highly compact carry case and actively used at various locations.

Adjustable Backdrops comes in various print options like Flex, Cloth etc based on budget and are cost effective solution for any exhibitions, events, promotion campaignes etc where a backdrop is required. These Adjustable Backdrop Stand offer attractive, high-impact solutions for a trade show booth, false wall, visual barrier, or backdrop. Lightweight, adjustable in both height and width, and cost-effective, these stands provide excellent value for your display needs.

Extends fully to 8 ft. tall x 8 ft high to hang Step and Repeat Backdrops. Set-ups and breaks down in minutes.  Can be customized to minimum size of 4 ft x 4 ft and extended to 8 ft x 8 ft as per your setup requirement

– Professional grade material
– Reusable, Portable, Reliable
– Can be set-up by anyone in minutes
– Comes in heavy-duty carry bag with handle & shoulder strap
– Your Backdrop/Step&Repeat easily fits onto stand through pole pockets

For further details on Adjustable Backdrop send us mail on enquiry@tejaswi.biz


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