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Portable Exhibition Kit

6 Meter x 3 Meter Portable Expo Kit 633S-12

Exclusive Portable Expo Kit for Display in 6 Meter x 3 Meter Three Side Open Exhibition Stall Size.

Item Code: 633S-12


6 Meter x 3 Meter Portable Expo Kit 633S-12 is a Classy Option for Global Exhibition Participation with Expo Stand Space Allocation of 3 Side Open 18 Square Meter Space. This 18 Square Meter Portable Exhibition Kit gives a edge over you competitors with High Quality Print on Backdrops, Classy Portable Counter and a Portable Catalogue Stand.

This 6 Meter x 3 Meter Portable Expo Kit 633S-12 was custom made for Various Industry Participants Like: Automation , Electronics, Real Estate, Engineering, Information Technology, Food, Pharma, Chemical, Medical, Pumps, Tubes, Solar, Automobile etc. Exclusive Portable Expo Kit Solution for Multiple International Expo Participation because of  Easy Setup and Installation, Minimum Setup Timeframe etc.

6 Meter x 3 Meter Portable Expo Kit Content:

  1. Portable Backdrop in Custom sizes with connectors to form wall structure, with high quality Prints and Lights
  2. Portable Counter a totally Magnetic Counter with High Quality Prints
  3. Portable Catalogue Stand

**Shell Scheme stall & Furniture’s are not a part of the combo

Read to Fit in Various Sizes as

  • 6 Meter x 2 Meter Space
  • 4 Meter x 3 Meter Space
  • 3 Meter x 3 Meter Space
  • 2 Meter x 3 Meter Space
  • 6 Meter x 4 Meter Space
  • 6 Meter x 5 Meter Space

Also Extendable to Bigger Space allocation as Per requirement.  For every time You participate you can let us know to give you Best suited layout with the kit. Ready for Global Exhibition Participation as save Your Global Expo Cost and Showcase the Standard of Your Brand in the Market.

Additional information

Artwork Design

Artworks to be Provided by Client.. If designing required will be additional

Artwork Sizing

Required Sizing provided on order confirmation and will be additional


Packed in Carry Case


Printing is part of the package for the applicable elements…


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