Portable Exhibition Kit at its BEST...
Portable Exhibition Kit

L Portable Exhibition Kit – AIUT Technologies

L Portable Exhibition Kit one of the most Prominent Systems by Us, created exclusively for AIUT Technologies LLP for their Participations in Multiple Expos Worldwide. This L Portable Exhibition Kit Offers High Quality Graphics for Branding Purpose and provide optimized visualization to a Brand in any kind of Events Worldwide.

About AIUT Technologies LLP 

AIUT is a private company based entirely on the Polish capital. Our team consists of visionary people full of passion and energy. With many years of experience in automation and robotics and by gaining new skills we are a dynamically developing organization. For over 20 years AIUT have created many solutions for the demanding customers in Poland and abroad.

AIUT have already implemented over 300 projects in 45 countries. Our main objective is to improve our efficiency and the quality of manufacturing. With this goal in mind we create new technologies as well as modernize existing production lines. They employ over 200 highly skilled, well qualified and experienced personnel in the automation, electronics, electrical engineering, IT, mechanics and robotics. Commitment, perseverance and belief in continuous development make our company one of the leaders of the market.

AIUT’s engineering office, combined with an electrical and mechanical workshop is located in the Katowice Special Economic Zone, which provides a good base for current business. Substantial part of our projects are executed at customer plants, therefore we establish local branches close to premises of important and long term customers. Presently They have branches in Bielsko-Biała, Białystok, Bydgoszcz and Opole in Poland as well as subsidiaries in Shenyang (China), Greenville (USA), Sebes (Romania).

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