Portable Exhibition Kit at its BEST...
Portable Exhibition Kit
Client:Paama Agrico Pvt Ltd
Date:February 28, 2019

Paama Agro Ltd : Portable Exhibition Kit

This customised Portable Exhibition Kit was created by TD team for our client Paama Agrico Ltd , It is a customiseable Portabe Exhibition Kit

Two Magnetic Backdrops are joint together using straight Connectors to form a Straight Backdrop wall for Branding , Event and Exhibition Display

About Paama Agrico Pvt Ltd :

Agriculture is an important sector of the Indian economy, accounting for 14% of the nation’s GDP and about 11% of its exports. About half of the population still relies on agriculture as its principal source of income and it is a source of raw material for a large number of industries.

Improving quality and increasing quantity of production, is therefore not just important, but rather a necessity. Achieving the target GDP is imperative. But, equally crucial is meeting supply with the increasing demand for food.

All this coupled with the aim to improve incomes and standard of living of farmers leads to one overall solution in the field of agriculture – mechanisation!

Farm mechanisation in India is still at a very nascent stage. And at PAAMA, we believe in engineering progress by taking mechanization to a whole new level!