Portable Exhibition Kit at its BEST...
Portable Exhibition Kit
Client:Diabetic Food International Ltd
Date:February 25, 2019

Portable Exhibition Kit : Diabetic Food International

This customised Portable Exhibition Kit is created by TD team for our Client Diabetic Food International Ltd . They  participated in Food exhibition and required Portable concept to Use in the stall . We have suggested them this Portable Backdrop which can be used as multipurpose solution for Worldwide Exhibition Participation.


About Diabetic Food International :

Diabetic Food International (DFI) has been established with Social Objectives of bringing back Millets to daily diets world over and supporting millet farming and farming communities.

Millets are known to have been one of the first grains used for domestic purposes and was widely consumed in Asia and Africa for over 7000 years ago, and then later spread throughout the world as a staple food. The decline in the farming of Millets over the last couple of decades has been devastating. Over the last few decades millets have gradually disappeared from our diets due to the increased domination and preference for rice and wheat. Fortunately the quest for healthy food alternatives is increasing, and millets are staging a comeback as a staple – especially as a replacement for rice and wheat, due to its high nutritious value and other health benefits compared to rice and wheat.