Portable Exhibition Kit at its BEST...
Portable Exhibition Kit
Client:Sachchade Food pvt ltd
Date:March 07, 2019

Portable Exhibition Kit Sachchade Food pvt ltd

This kit was created by our TD team for our client Sachchade Food Pvt Ltd, This is Customization of Re-usable portable kit with combination of Hanger Banners, Pop-up Table and Straight Magnetic Backdrop

This can be used for all your exhibitions to display and promote your brand.



About Sachchade Food Pvt Ltd

Sachchade Food Pvt Ltd is a market leader when it comes to “Ready-to-Fry” food. We believe in increasing the efficiency in cooking. We are pioneers of snack pellets that are not only consistent but are also quick to prepare. While most of the current products falling in this category are manufactured keeping in mind western tastes, SFPL stands out by developing recipes customized specially for the Indian palate.