Portable Exhibition Kit at its BEST...
Portable Exhibition Kit
Client:Edify School
Date:February 23, 2019

Resizeable Backdrop : Edify School

Portable Resizeable Backdrop is a Unique Solution created for Edify School . It is portable , Reusable display solution to promote your brand

It can be used as Promotional Solution for Events  , Marketing and Branding purpose.

About Edify School:

MDN Edify Education with a vision to be the primo in providing and establishing world class educational institutions is a growing chain of 164 preschools and 58 K12 schools distributed in various tiers to suit different budgets and locations. While the teaching pedagogy is same across all models of MDN Future School (Mid budget CBSE), Edify School (Premiere CBSE), Edify World School (Premiere CBSE/ IGCSE School), Edify International School (Premiere CBSE/IGCSE/IB) the differentiating factors are the infrastructure, facilities and amenities, affiliation and financial modeling. Edify also works with over1000 schools under Edvisor – Consultancy model to revamp existing schools.